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Joyful Kid & Grateful Young Actor

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About Lucy

Bubbly little Lucy Capri may be small and petite, but her joyful personality is bigger than life... her happy and carefree demeanor genuinely shines! Nicknamed "Lulu," Lucy loves to perform as well as play with her "babies," kick goals with her soccer team, swim like a mermaid, rock out on her guitar or ukulele, and be a little chef in the kitchen with her Mom, Sister and Great Grandma. At any moment, you might find this little homeschooler breaking out in song about whatever is going on (just like her Daddy)! 


Miss Lucy Capri is a little triple threat. From co-starring opposite Catherine Zeta-Jones, Sam Worthington and Lily Rabe, to dancing and singing alongside Broadway veterans in the National Broadway Tour of "Waitress: The Musical," to over 35 commercials and 300+ voiceovers (including prestigious nominations), Lucy's positive attitude goes hand-in-hand with a maturity that extends beyond her young years. Fun Fact: In 2021 and 2022, Lucy was nominated for the prestigious "One Voice Awards," in the category of "Best Children's Voiceover"


Giving back is important to she and her family, and together they regularly volunteer with various special needs organizations, food pantries and animal shelters.  Lucy wears her heart on her sleeve, and is always excited and truly thankful for each opportunity she is considered for.  #GratefulGirl

In the News: Interviews

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On-camera interviews are available below.  

Electronic Press Kit

Download a printable copy of Lucy's EPK (Electronic Press Kit) here.

On-Screen & Now Playing

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In the Fall of 2018, Lucy was cast as “Peri Monroe” in the Netflix feature film FRACTURED, directed by Brad Anderson (BEIRUT, THE MACHINIST).  She played the daughter of Sam Worthington (AVATAR) & Lily Rabe (VICE) in this film, which was released on October 11, 2019.  Lucy had a BLAST working both on-location and on sound stages, playing this challenging, dramatic role, as well as doing her own stunts and working against blue/green screens.  You can read more about FRACTURED via the article above (please click photo) and by viewing Lucy's reels and the official trailer, in the MEDIA section below.

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In the Summer of 2019, Lucy was cast as "Janita Cooper" (daughter of "Astronaut, Gordo Cooper") in the Disney Plus / National Geographic scripted-series THE RIGHT STUFF, based on the true stories of the Mercury 7 Astronauts (chronicled in the award-winning book by Philip Kaufman and re-enacted in the Academy Award-winning film in 1983).  It was released on October 9, 2020.

In the Spring of 2019, Lucy was cast in the role of "Young Lori Vance," in the highly-anticipated Ron Howard / Netflix film HILLBILLY ELEGY.  Lucy plays the younger version of Glenn Close's daughter, in this powerful drama based on the book of the same title (a memoir written by J.D. Vance), which was on the "NY Times Best Sellers List" for eighteen months. The story chronicles the struggles of families in the Appalachian mountains, while attempting to obtain the American Dream.   The film was released in theaters on November 11, 2020, followed by its Netflix streaming release on November 24, 2020.  It was filmed in her hometown of Atlanta.

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Coming Soon

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In the Fall of 2019, Lucy was blessed to shoot a feature-length film in Europe by KingdomWorks Studios, entitled FROM THE ASHES.  This film is part of the "Conquer Series" and will be released in 2024. 


In the Spring of 2020, Lucy filmed a recurring role in an upcoming faith-based television series entitled PREACH, by NFocus Pictures.  This series is set to be released in 2023. Lucy also filmed her first Hallmark movie, which is also set to be released in 2023.


We are so very grateful for these opportunities!  Thank you for your support and for celebrating with us. 



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"Lucy was an absolute JOY to work with! I was greatly impressed while directing her in my most recent film, where she brought her character to life with absolute perfection and honesty. She took all of my directions eagerly with a smile, and was always ready for the next take. She has a level of professionalism and energy that make her the perfect child actor.  I look forward to working with her again!" - Director, K. League


"I have been deeply impressed with Lucy's poise and professionalism over these past few months on Netflix's FRACTURED.  She is always spot on; she has a real, innate talent as an actress, especially at her age.  She has a very exciting career ahead of her.” - Film Director, Brad Anderson

​“I have been sharing with others about Lucy’s work on the show.  She’s going to have a big career in acting, for as long as she continues to love doing it.  Episode 8 is my favorite!  It broke my heart when her character said, ‘I got hungry and you were gone.’  I’m so excited that everyone is going to see her.  She is DYNAMITE on our show and she is SOOO good!  We are so proud of her!  She is a precious young girl and so wonderful to work with.”  – “Queen America” Director, Alethea Jones

“Lucy is a phenomenal young actress!  I was smitten with her the first time we met and I loved working with her.  She is just wonderful!” - “Queen America” Producer, Janice Williams

“Lucy truly did such a wonderful job on the first season of our show – we are so, so, so proud of her!  Episode 8 is my favorite and it makes me teary eyed when I watch it.  The scene when Vicki scolds little Grace (Lucy) for her eating accident… I imagined that scene for so long, and seeing our little actress Lucy do such a GREAT job against the legendary Catherine Zeta-Jones (and seeing how kindly Catherine worked with Lucy) was a very special moment for me.  Lucy far exceeded my expectations – she was sooo great!!!” – “Queen America” Creator / Writer / Producer, Meaghan Oppenheimer

"Lucy just ‘gets it’.  There are unique times when expressiveness and professionalism come combined in the same person . . . but when someone Lucy’s age has these qualities, it’s all the more rare.  I recommend her unhesitatingly!" - Voiceover Director

“Unbelievable how 'Lulu' (played by a young Lucy Capri) lit up the theater last night.  You could feel the excitement in the audience very quickly.  In very short order, Lucy made her audience instantly fall in love with her!" - WAITRESS: The Broadway Musical, National Tour Review

"Recently, I had the very fortunate opportunity to work with Miss Lucy Capri on the film, 'Are You There?' She always had a positive attitude and took direction very well.  She has a strong work ethic, especially considering her age, and wasn’t shy about working around a bunch of people she had only just met.  Her contagious smiles and laughs made her a true joy to work with!  She clearly enjoyed being on set just as much as the team and we enjoyed having her there." - Producer, A. Moore

"Miss Lucy Capri is super sweet. We enjoyed working with this little talent on this commercial. The spot will be sweeter because of her.  She was so on-point. Great job!" - Commercial Director

"Lucy was the most professional child talent we’ve worked with yet. Can't wait to complete this spot!  So glad Lucy is a part of it!  Looking forward to working together again someday soon." - Commercial Director


"Lucy is a little GEM.  She sparkles on-stage and you can't keep your eyes off of her.  Her voice and inflections are always so spot on.  She is an absolute natural - it is very surprising considering her young age!  Lucy is very focused and she is always paying attention to everything happening on-stage (you never see her looking around or staring out into the audience).  She remains in character and clearly has a LOT of fun doing it!  Lucy also knows everyone's lines - she can recite an entire script (with different voices too).  She is just an absolute pleasure to work with.  We are looking forward to continuing to have Lucy in our productions as she grows up!" - Theater Director

"What a little PRO little Lucy is! This is the first time we've worked with a talent as young as she, and we were blown away. We've worked kids twice her age -- and they were a handful! It's very clear to see how much Lucy loves what she's doing. Great job Lucy (and team)!!!" - VO Director

"Miss Lucy Capri has a super sweet voice. We enjoyed working with this little talent on this fun commercial. The spot will be that much sweeter because of her. Thank you for the fast turnaround and being so on-point. Great job!" - VO Director

“Lucy was PHENOMENAL and easier to communicate with than even some adults!  It was such a pleasure working with her.  She did a great job, and we will definitely keep her in mind for future projects.” - VO Director

"Lucy was FANTASTIC! She was so fun to work with. She took direction well and was willing to do multiple takes so we could have multiple options for our edit. The nuances of her voice and pronunciation were PERFECT for the project. Thanks Lucy!" - VO Director

“It was such a pleasure working with Lucy.  Her initial VO audition was terrific and then she was perfect in yesterday’s session.  We couldn’t believe how great she took direction for only being six years old.  Lucy is a voiceover talent star in the making!  She was adorable and is at the top of our list for future projects.” - Creative Director

“As a large radio agency, we do hundreds of spots each year, working with A LOT of voice talent.  Lucy ranks way up there with the best.  A little pro beyond her years, she is bright, enthusiastic, and perfect with inflection, tone and following direction.  She is a gem to work with.” – Sr. VP / Creative Director



* Joyful  Adventures *

Netflix's "Fractured" with Sam Worthington & Lily Rabe

"Queen America" Series with Catherine Zeta-Jones

"The Right Stuff" Disney+ / NatGeo Series

"Waitress" Broadway Tour Engagements 

Through the Years: Headshots & Lifestyle Photos

Reels & Media

Lucy Capri

Lucy Capri
Lucy Capri: Theatrical Reel

Lucy Capri: Theatrical Reel

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Lucy Capri: Visual Voiceover Demo | Animation

Lucy Capri: Visual Voiceover Demo | Animation

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Lucy Capri: "Fractured" Extended Reel

Lucy Capri: "Fractured" Extended Reel

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